Wind energy – ecological,
efficient and feasible

"Our goal is to focus on sustainable and efficient production assets which use industrial scale and well established technology. Wind energy has matured and is now the most efficient pillar of the energy transition in Europe."

Adrian Inauen,
Member of the Board SNEE

"Due to substantial quantities of government-funded renewable energy, electricity wholesale prices are currently very low. For this reason we decided to focus on wind energy which is, at present, the most efficient new renewable energy source."

Clemens Hasler, 
Member of the Board SNEE

"Good wind turbines, a professional company, efficient maintenance and servicing are, next to favourable wind conditions, key factors for a successful wind park. Furthermore, they create regional, sustainable, and interesting jobs."

Michael Oschatz, Asset Manager BKW Wind Service GmbH

"Investments in production assets are long-term investments that bare opportunities and risks. Wind energy offers the opportunity to rebuild energy production sustainably and at justifiable costs."

Christian Pfab, Executive Director HelveticWind

"The energy transition makes great demands on Swiss energy suppliers. In addition to developing renewable energy sources in Switzerland, investments abroad are needed. Wind energy in the neighbouring countries is our energy production of choice – economical, powerful and accepted."

Livio Badilatti, 
Executive Director SNEE


Organisation Chart


SN ENERGIE AG, Glarus Süd: 100% of shares

SN Energie produces, transfers, trades in and reliably provides her holding companies with, electric energy. With her own assets, co-operations, and trade she ensures energy supply for her holding companies. The production portfolio is dominated to 55% by nuclear energy and to 30% by water power.

Our co-operation with Terravent and SNEE – in addition to investments in local water power – allows for the establishment of a long-term, diversified supply portfolio covering areas of renewable energy, wind energy in particular, in the neighbouring countries.

Board of Directors

Hans Hofstetter
from Wildhaus-Alt.St. Johann in Rehetobel
President of the Board
Adrian Inauen
from Appenzell in Eggersriet
Vice-president of the Board. In the Board of Directors since: May 2019
Clemens Hasler
from Lommis in Will SG
Member of the Board
Livio Badilatti
from Zuoz in St. Gallen


Livio Badilatti
from Zuoz in St.Gallen
Executive Director
Daniel Forster
from Hundwil Oberbüren
Head of Finance

Key Figures

Energy purchase rights through co-operations as at 31.12.2018
Key figures energy
Output inMW   14.93
MWh of energy 23'757
Finacial figures as at 31.12.2018 in thousand CHF
Share capital 2'500
Total assets 10'576
Number of employees 31.12.2018
Number of employees* 6
FTE* in % 35

* mandate

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